2016 – 2017



While the foundation of Our Lady Help of Christians School (OLHC) is faith in Jesus Christ, a clear and concise financial policy is the cornerstone of a school’s financial success. Its purpose is to provide the necessary guidelines for families in their fiscal obligations to the school. A strong policy also insures the fair and equal treatment of all families. This policy applies to parents of all children attending Our Lady Help of Christians School, Parishioners and non-Parishioners, for Kindergarten through Eighth grade.

The Diocese of Allentown has selected FACTS Management as the Preferred Tuition Provider for all Diocesan schools. All students/families at Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic School will be enrolled in FACTS, regardless of their payment plan. All families are responsible to set-up a yearly FACTS agreement, as a result you will be able to view your tuition statement directly on the FACTS website whenever you like




1.1 A Registration Fee of $100.00 per student ($175.00 family maximum) is assessed per student per year. This fee is separate from tuition charges.

1.2 A Book Fee of $125 is assessed per student per year.  This fee is separate from tuition charges. Book and Registration Fees must be paid in full before the child will be considered registered at Our Lady Help of Christians School.

1.3 Other miscellaneous fees (e.g. trip fees, lunch money, etc.) are assessed at various times during the school year and are payable separately from tuition.

1.4 Each year, all families must complete a FACTS PAYMENT form and return it to the finance office by May 15th. Registration is not final until FACTS paper work has been filled out with the Financial Office or done directly online.



2.1 A tuition and fee schedule will be issued, along with a FACTS form, in the spring preceding each school year. A signed FACTS PAYMENT FORM is required of each family. The tuition is payable by choosing one of the payment plans listed in SECTION 3.

2.2 All families enjoy the benefit of additional subsidy by the contributions of the families that make up OLHC Parish. They also enjoy discounts for additional children.



Different payment options are available for payment of tuition. Parents must choose from one of these options.

3.1 SINGLE PAYMENT PLAN: Payment in full by June 15th. Parents who elect this option are entitled to a five percent (5%) discount on tuition and all fees. The discount will be applied after scholarships are applied. You are still required to fill out a FACTS form.

3.2 FACTS Tuition Plan. This plan gives the parents the option of choosing from the following:

  • Two payments through FACTS in July and January.
  • Quarterly payments: Four equal payments through FACTS, in July, October, January and April.
  • Ten Payment Plan through FACTS. Ten equal payments assessed on either the 5th or the 20th of the month as chosen by the parent. In each case the family will pay a $39.00 FACTS fee with your first payment.

There are NO other OPTIONS available. You must choose one of the above. No tuition other than the single payment paid by June 15th will be accepted at either the school or the parish office.



4.1 Late Payments – For each missed withdrawal, FACTS charges a $30.00 fee and your bank will charge you a fee. To avoid these fees, notify the finance office FIVE business days before the scheduled withdrawal and the withdrawal can be postponed. FACTS will try again to collect the tuition on the next withdrawal date. Remember, each time an attempt is made and not completed it will cost you additional charges. Please make sure your money is in the bank on your chosen date of each month to cover your tuition and to save the cost of additional fees.



5.1 Please note: FACTS will assess a bank charge for returned checks and will make a further attempt to collect the funds. A charge of $30.00 will be assessed for all checks returned by the bank due to insufficient funds, closed accounts or stopped payment. OLHC may require additional payments to be made in cash, money order or certified check if this occurs more than once.



If you are delinquent during the school year, and do not make an attempt to pay your tuition or other fees that are due, you may be asked to remove your child(ren) from our school. Please contact us if there are difficulties involved.

6.1 Families are considered to have delinquent account status if:

  1. a) FULL PAYMENT is not paid in full by the last day of the school year.
  2. b) Families who miss two or more payments in a year.
  3. d) “END OF YEAR” statement is not paid in full by last day of school.
  4. e) If half the fundraising fee is not met by Jan 20th.


6.2 Families who have delinquent account status:

  1. a) Will result in their children not receiving their report cards/diplomas until the account is brought current. Eighth Graders will not receive

their report card, and files will not be forwarded. Bringing the account current means paying the past due balance in full.

  1. b) will NOT receive any type of aid for the next school year until the account is paid in full..




7.1 Call the School Office for Financial Assistance information. A limited amount of funds is available and applied for yearly (through a confidential application) to families who meet income requirements.


7.2 Outside tuition assistance applications also are available through the school office. It must be completed online on the FACTS website by the due date with all needed information attached. There are strict deadlines. Late applications will not be accepted. Financial Aid will be awarded and posted on your FACTS account.

7.3 In the event a family/parent experiences a “major life change” during the school year, applications for tuition assistance will be considered at that time. A major life change would include loss of job, health crisis, etc.



8.1 Registration fees are nonrefundable.  Book fees are refundable until July 15th.

8.2 In the event of early withdrawal, OLHC School will be entitled to a pro-rated share of the total tuition based upon a TEN MONTH ATTENDANCE…AUGUST is rated as a 1/2 Month; SEPTEMBER through MAY are rated as Full Months; JUNE is rated as a 1/2 Month.  Any part of a month will be considered at its full rating. Any excess prepaid amounts will be refunded within 14 days of the child’s withdrawal.  EXCEPTION: All textbooks must be returned within two weeks of withdrawal. If not, a bill for the textbooks will be included in the amount owed by the parents or will be deducted from any refund they are receiving. No academic records will be forwarded until all financial obligations have been met. Medical records are always transferred.

8.3 In the event of withdrawal, if a family has already paid the entire Fundraising Buy-out, a refund will be given calculated the same as tuition. (SEE Sec. 9.3)

8.4 In the event of a prolonged absence due to illness, no refund will be given if the student continues to take course work and homework

assignments. A student who officially withdraws due to illness is eligible for a prorated refund as stated in SECTION 8.2.

8.5 In the event of a disciplinary dis-enrollment of a student, all unpaid tuition and fees to date are subject to full payment. There is no refund of prepaid tuition and fees.




In order to keep tuition at the lowest possible level, all families are required to raise $600.00

9.1a) BUY-OUT – The total may be paid in cash. 5% discount if paid by June 15th or within one month of new registration.

  1. b) FUNDRAISING – 30% of GROSS sales for all school fundraising
  2. c) 60% will be credited for the Walk-a-thon
  3. d) FOOD/SCRIP CERTIFICATES – 4% of purchases will be credited.

9.2 Any family who has not chosen the BUY-OUT for fundraising, and was not able to reach the required amount by April 30 of the school year, will receive an “END OF YEAR” statement in the beginning of MAY. This statement will show balances owed on their account (tuition, fundraising,) and will be payable by the due date. If the bill is not paid by June 1st the family will be in delinquent account status.  (REFER TO: SEC. 6)

9.3 Any family withdrawing early will be charged a pro-rated Fundraising fee.  (See SECTION 8.2 for breakdown).

9.4 If you choose the BUY-OUT and you still fund raise a credit will be given the following year for any overage.



10.1 A family who enrolls in OLHC School after the start of the school year will be charged the REGISTRATION and BOOK FEES.  The tuition/fundraising will be pro-rated based upon the TEN MONTH ATTENDANCE…see REFUND POLICY: Section 8.2.

10.2 The family must choose a payment plan from See SECTION 3

  1. a) Families paying in full will have two weeks from the date of billing to pay the tuition in full in order to receive the 5% discount.
  2. b) Families will have their payments divided by the number of months remaining in the school year from the date of enrollment until the last day of school.



11.1 Releasing and Holding of Records: Academic records will not be released to a family whose account is in delinquent status. Medical records will be released in all circumstances.