We have several events happening here at OLHC!

10/4 – Blessing of the Animals will be happening next Sunday, 10/4 at 1:30PM in front of the Church. Come & bring your pets (or even just their picture, or their ashes) for a blessing outdoors in honor of the feast of St. Francis. Please bring your pet leashed or in a carrier.


10/5 – Our clothing drive is ending on this date! See Parish Events for details on what we take. 

10/10 – Our Rosary Rally will happen at 10AM in front of the Church. Please see our Facebook Event Page to reply if you are interested. We hope to see you there!

10/19 – Our Pie Sale order forms are due! Please see Parish Events to print out an order form. Please tell your friends and neighbors. Pickup is 10/29 and pies can be frozen for Thanksgiving!

Our beautiful statue of Mary has been fixed, courtesy of our Deacon candidate Matos and his associate, Harry. Thank you to all who donated. We do not need anymore donations at this time, please just pray for us. Your generosity warms the hearts of the members of the parish, staff and me.  Your love for the Blessed Mother is awe-inspiring and edifying.  We are having a Mass for all those who donated on Wednesday, October 7th at 8AM.






Our statue of Mary, who stands as a welcoming gateway to our Church on private and sacred ground at Hanover Avenue, has been vandalized sometime in the last week. It appears she attempted to be beheaded (however our Mary stood strong) and instead part of her face was broken off. Mary is currently being held together with packing tape and epoxy glue, although you can see some chunks are at the base. We don’t know if this was the targeted desecration of a sacred statue, or some kind of misguided prank, but it hurts our Church and the community.

And let’s pray for the person or persons that may have did this to Our Lady, that they will find some kind of peace.



Today is a busy day! Father Johnson left to start at his new parish in Tremont. We have our drive-through chicken dinner from 4-6PM, and Father Brensinger is very busy moving into the Rectory! Please see “Clergy and Staff” tab for some incoming words from Father Brensinger.

Father Johnson is off to Tremont! This morning he and Dina Boyer recorded their duet together “The Prayer” (no visual) which was sung at all Masses last week, but not good acoustics.

Singing in large spaces produces poor acoustics and reverb when recording. This morning Dina and I and Rosanne recorded "The Prayer" in the dining room of the Rectory (audio only). This is my last post, this page becomes Fr. Brensinsinger's! Blessings to you all and I will always remember you!

Posted by Olhc Fr-Richard Brensinger on Tuesday, August 25, 2020

7/28/20 (updated 8/25/20)
The dispensation from Sunday Mass obligation will remain in place. Mass attendance remains voluntary. Those who do not feel safe, or who have compromising health conditions, should not attend.

OLHC will remain with our modified Mass schedule:
Monday through Friday at 8 am
Saturday – no Masses
Sunday 9AM and 11AM
Mass is recorded and uploaded to Youtube and Facebook every single day.
There will continue to be limited seating capacity available in the Church. The Green Phase Part I guidelines allow for an increased capacity of up to 50% of the Church capacity. At OLHC, our pews are clearly marked on where you can sit and our ushers will assist you.
Confession is by appointment only at this time. There is no Adoration at this time, this will be re-visited in the Fall.
While long-handled baskets may be used to take up the offertory collection, we will continue to use the collection box in the back of the Church for everyone’s benefit.
All hymnals have been temporarily removed from Church due to the difficulty of keeping them disinfected. You can sing through your mask but pleasae don’t take off your mask. We publish our hymns in our weekly bulletin – please take your bulletin home with you.
All other restrictions remain in place, including social distancing and face masks required (cover your nose please). Pews are still being cleaned by volunteer cleaning crew after each service. Hope to see you at Mass!