R.C.I.A. – The Rice of Christian Initiation for Adults.  Would you like to find out more about the Catholic Faith?  The R.C.I.A. group meets each week to discuss different aspects of the faith and to prepare adults for reception into the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Contact any of our clergy for more information.hand of God

“The Church is one because of her source: “the highest exemplar and source of this mystery is the unity, in the Trinity of Persons, of one God, the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit.” The Church is one because of her founder: for “the Word made flesh, the prince of peace, reconciled all men to God by the cross, . . . restoring the unity of all in one people and one body.” The Church is one because of her “soul”: “It is the Holy Spirit, dwelling in those who believe and pervading and ruling over the entire Church, who brings about that wonderful communion of the faithful and joins them together so intimately in Christ that he is the principle of the Church’s unity.” Unity is of the essence of the Church.