The issue of parishioner status is important.  Active parishioners of OLHC look to their parish for many services, including:

•Parishioner tuition rates in our Catholic schools.
•Use of our facilities for liturgical services such as baptisms, weddings and     funerals.
•Certification as eligible sponsors at sacramental celebrations.

•Are registered in the parish (fill out our Census Form).
•Attend Sunday Mass regularly, as well as Holy Days of Obligation (see below).
•Support the life of the parish.
•Use the envelope system (see below).

Those who fail to meet the requirements of Active parishioner status are classified as Inactive.

Please remember that to be considered a registered, active and contributing parishioner, one has to not only register but financially contribute to the parish by means of electronic funds transfer or by dropping your donation in specially provided envelopes.  The envelope system tracks both Mass attendance and giving.  We have parishioners who sometimes find themselves for short or longer periods unable to give, but they still drop their envelope in the basket, to show that they were here.  Every year, we look at those who are registered in the parish, and if there is no discernible activity via Eoffering, Venmo or envelopes, they are reduced to Inactive status.  This is also important so that the Diocese does not assess OLHC for Inactive parishioners.

Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
•The Third Commandment is “Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.”

•Baptized Christians are consecrated to worship Christ. The baptismal seal enables and commits Christians to serve God by a vital participation in the holy liturgy of the Church.

•Catholics are duty-bound to participate in the Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation.

•Extraordinary circumstances (including the current pandemic), age, or infirmity may excuse the faithful from the obligation to attend Mass.

•Parents have a duty to educate their children in the faith. It’s important for parents to attend Mass regularly with their children; children aged 7+ are indeed obligated to attend Mass.

Envelope System
Parishioners are urged to use the envelope system. The envelope system is an imperfect way to ensuring Mass attendance and giving, but it is a universal one in churches of all denominations. If not able to attend Mass that week, envelopes can be dropped off through the mail slot at the Rectory.

•Envelopes provide a record of Mass attendance (the most important factor in determining parishioner status).

•If a parishioner is unable to contribute on a given Sunday, he/she should drop an empty envelope in the basket.

Sponsorship Certificates
See Monsignor Baver after the 11AM Mass if you wish to receive a certificate to be a Godparent for Baptism or Sponsor for Confirmation. If you are not an active parishioner, email with your request.