October is the Month of the Rosary! Please pray the Rosary with us before Masses through the month of October, Sundays at 8:45AM and 10:45AM.






•Mass attendance remains voluntary in the yellow phase. Those who do not feel safe, or who have compromising health conditions, should not attend. The dispensation from the Mass obligation will remain in place until the green phase, and we will continue to upload our Mass to Father Rich’s Youtube and Facebook.

•Please stay home if you are sick or at a higher risk of illness with COVID19. If you are uncertain about your risk status, please consult your doctor.

•As stated in the first point, Mass at OLHC will continue to be available via YouTube.

OLHC Mass on Facebook

Monday through Friday – 8AM
Sunday – 9AM and 11AM

•Please wash your hands for 20 seconds using soap and water.

•Before entering the Church, please put on a face mask. We cannot have you enter if you refuse to wear a mask. The only time a face mask should be removed is when a lector proclaims the readings and for the reception of Holy Communion. A cantor, who
is socially distanced, may participate without a face mask.

•As previously stated, please do not come to Mass if you are sick or are at higher risk for illness with COVID-19.

•Bulletins will be handed out by the ushers. Please do not leave behind. No hymnals during this period. Our bulletin will have the hymns published.

•Only the doors closest to the parking lot (St. Anthony) will be open to enter and doors will be propped open. (NOTE: For daily 8AM Mass – Monday to Saturday – only the Hanover Avenue doors (St. Christopher) will be open).

•Hand sanitizers will be available at the Church entrance. Please use the hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting the Church. We will have automatic hand sanitizers coming shortly. Parishioners are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer as well.

•Holy water fonts will remain empty during this period. However, we do have small holy water bottles. Please see Father Johnson at the end of Mass and he can issue you one of these bottles. We will also have holy water by the Blessed Mary statue on Saturday morning.

•As you come in, at the end of the last pew toward St. Anthony is our offertory box for you to drop off your Collection Envelopes upon entering the Church. Please, try not to use coins.

•Upon being seated, an usher will place a sticker at the end of the pew to indicate that pew needs disinfection upon end of Mass.

•When taking your seat, please honor all posted signs and roped off pews about where you may sit.

•Members of the same household may sit together as normal. Please place 6 feet between your household and members of a different household.

•If you need help, ushers will be present to assist people with seating.

•There will be one organist and one cantor to sing during Mass. Sorry, but congregational participation in the singing of the mass will be limited for as long as there remains a concern about the spread of COVID19. As we all continue to observe whatever safety precautions we are able, a limitation of group singing seems only sensible. We will have hymns published in the bulletin.

•There will be no collection taken up during the Offertory. As stated previously, at the end of the last pew toward St. Anthony is our offertory box for you to drop off your Collection Envelopes upon entering the Church. Please, try not to use coins.

•There will be no Sign of Peace during Mass, nor will the Precious Blood be distributed during Mass.

•The Communion Station is located by the baptismal font in the back of the Church. Communion lines should be single file; please adhere to the social distancing markers in the aisle. One Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is now permitted per Mass.

•As stated above, please maintain social distancing in the Communion line. Keep several pews between yourself and the person in front of you while in line and when returning to your pew.

•The faithful are asked to receive Holy Communion in the hand. Those who wish to receive Holy Communion on the tongue will be directed to the back of the line.  The celebrant will have to sanitize his hands between each communicant so please be patient.

•Please remove your mask on one side right before receiving Holy Communion and put it back on after receiving Communion.  Masks are to be worn up the aisle, bow, remove one side of mask, say Amen, receive and then put mask back on. You may also lift your mask up.

•If you are not comfortable receiving Communion at this time, we encourage you to remain in the pew and make a Spiritual Communion.

•Should you wish to go back to your pew for prayerful reflection, please keep your time there short, as we do need to clean and prepare for the very next Mass. Please do not congregate for any reason in the Church.

•Please leave your mask on until you exit the Church. Please, no congregating outside the immediate Church area. You are welcome to in the parking lot!

•Confession will be Saturdays after the 8AM Mass in the Padre Pio Chapel. Confession hours will be for 45 minutes, from approximately 8:30AM to 9:15AM. A mask must be worn.

•Parishioners will line up by the baptismal font in the center aisle. Confession lines should be single file; please adhere to the social distancing markers in the aisle.

•In the Padre Pio chapel will be a beautiful curtain of Our Lady separating us. Once confession is done, you may take a minute in front of the statue of Our Lady, the Blessed Mother, to pray, but keep in mind there are other parishioners waiting.

• Parishioners, please practice privacy and consideration for the parishioner during confession as you wait in line. Take this time to make peace with the Lord.

Parishioners may light votive candles. Hand sanitizer will be available near the votive candles so that parishioners can sanitize.

Adoration of our Lord is back! Every Wednesday in the main Church from 9AM to Benediction at 5PM.

•Our Lady Help of Christians  will follow guidance from the CDC for sanitation as we resume public Masses: Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Facility

•We will sanitize the Church after each Mass with a cleaner that meets the guidelines proposed for sanitizing. High-use areas will be disinfected and pews will be cleaned after each liturgy. Restrooms facilities will also be sanitized. Please note, restrooms are NOT open during weekday Masses.

•If you can assist in spraying the pews and wiping down frequently touched areas after the Mass, this will be a big help between Sunday Masses. We have two sanitizing shelves with sprayers and paper towels: 1) as you come into the Church from the parking lot; and 2) in the bathroom.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude for your faithfulness and perseverance since Churches closed in March. Although these past few months have been challenging, they gave us all opportunities to try new things. If it wasn’t for the shutdown, I would not have ‘discovered’ the need to have online Masses. Now parishioners or even just the faithful all over the country and world have been tuning into daily Mass at OLHC!

It is my joy to be here pastor here at OLHC. Though we are in the green phase and some restrictions have been relaxed, please know it is your physical safety, health and spiritual well-being that is of most concern to me. I am excited to see more people come back to OLHC for Masses!!!  Thank you in advance for your cooperation with these guidelines. Be assured of my continued prayers for you and your families.

Yours In Christ,

Fr. George Kochuparambil (Fr. Jose Johnson)




Saturday: 4:30pm Vigil Mass (temporarily cancelled)
Sunday: 9:00am, 11:00am (while we are in yellow phase)
Domingo: 1:00pm – Misa en Español (mientras estamos en fase amarilla)

Monday through Saturday: 8:00am  in the Church

Holy Days:
7:00pm eve of Holy Day,
8:00am (English) and 7:00pm (Español) on Holy Day

Christmas: Christmas Eve:  4:30pm, 7:00pm, 10:00pm
Christmas Day: 8:00 am, 10:30am, 12:00 Noon (Español)

Easter: Easter Vigil:  8:00pm
Easter: 8:00am, 10:00am, 12:00 Noon (Español)


Scheduled temporarily for:  Saturdays after 8AM Mass (while in yellow phase)